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Cassidy Bros water feature turns heads at Imperial College London

A newly installed black precast concrete water feature crafted by Cassidy Bros is turning heads at Imperial College London’s new West Campus.

The exposed aggregate polished concrete centrepiece was created for Maylim Ltd, which was appointed by principal contractor ISG to deliver the external works package for one of the new flagship buildings at the campus – The Michael Uren Biomedical Engineering Research Hub.

Cassidy Bros Managing Director, David Cassidy, said: “The overall project at the Imperial College London campus is very impressive and we were very pleased to work with Maylim in delivering this hard landscaping centrepiece.”

He explained: “The project involved creating a water feature incorporating a ripple effect in the water flow. The concept involved having the water being pumped into the trough and then flowing down in a ripple effect before being pumped out once again in a cyclical movement.

“The challenge was to get the ripple effect spot on in the feature and our team did just that. In total there were more than 30m of water channels delivered on the job.”

Imperial College London West Campus – Our Project

  • The creation of black exposed aggregate polished concrete to match with exterior surrounds at The Michael Uren Biomedical Engineering Research Hub.
  • The creation to exact specifications of 3 large water precast concrete troughs with a total of 30m of water channels in 1500 sections.

Imperial College London West Campus – Our process

  • Maylim provided drawings and exact specifications for the water feature design.
  • Our concrete engineers meticulously added layers to ensure the ripple effect met with the concept and design specifications.
  • The completed sections were delivered on site at the Imperial College London West Campus, along with detailed instructions for the assembly team at Maylim.

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